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I'd love to buy the world a drink

At perfect buoyancy
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I'm overwhelmed by the number of soda ideas, so apologies in advance if this is redundant...

This is a call for a temperature/pressure sensitive indicator on soda cans and bottles with a single, simple goal: don't open, since if you do, you'll spray soda all over yourself.

And now I can go change.

theircompetitor, May 17 2011

"I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing" by The New Seekers http://en.wikipedia...In_Perfect_Harmony)
For the benefit of our younger viewers. [DrBob, May 18 2011]

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       [+]..and clean up my kitchen floor!
xandram, May 17 2011

       Brilliant+ kappooooo
blissmiss, May 17 2011

       De ja whooosh?
blissmiss, May 17 2011

       Not really necessary. Left undisturbed, a can of soda only takes about 20 seconds to settle down—no matter how much it's been shaken. Try it and see, then amaze your friends with your ability to tame carbonation.   

       Bottles do take considerably longer to settle down, particularly the 2-liter plastic bottles, but then you can usually tell visually if they're likely to explode, as well as open the cap partway to test it.
ytk, May 17 2011

       try that with a frozen can -- which gives no indication of its status.
theircompetitor, May 17 2011


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