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I'm my own Proofreader

A text editor that allows for customized flags to be set in response to the presence of user-defined phrases, words, or variations of words.
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Yes, I struggle with my own writing. It's variously ponderous, stuffy, laden with jargon, goofy, or overly inclusive. I use text editing software that has spell-checking, thesaurus, and web access. These are standard tools and are invaluable assets to aid in composition, but together they're not as eye-opening as the honest criticism of a better writer.

I want my own better writer, or at least want to write better on my own.

What would fulfill my greatest need is a contextual editor that intelligently sees what I may define as bad syntax and prompts me to reconsider the composition. For example:

"I'm having an existential moment."
I do not like to use words with an "-ing" suffix, so the editor could flag the suffix and ask me to reconsider the composition of that phrase. Perhaps after I've had time to interact with the editor, it would suggest a more terse and congruent substitute phrase such as:
"I'm in an existential moment."

reensure, Apr 12 2009

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