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I'm off to bed

Shut down button for home
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Only used as a "can't be bothered to turn everything off" regime. Similar to 'shut down' on the computer. Desinged to turn everything in the home to 'off' apart from the essentials.
arora, Feb 16 2002

(?) Home Automation Forum http://www.homeautomationforum.com/
X10 and a bunch o' other stuff for you to use when you go off to bed [bristolz, Feb 17 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       I want one.
vimto, Feb 17 2002

       Wire your fuse box next to your bed.
phoenix, Feb 17 2002

       Ah, but if you have a system to shut down your house, how would you shut that system down?
pottedstu, Feb 18 2002

       The system to shut the house system down could be similar to the 'sleep mode' on the computer - 20 mins after shut down (allowing time for any afterthoughts).
arora, Feb 18 2002

       id love one of these! when i come home from whatever then sit and watch tv in my living room for awhile then before going to bed i have to go around the house turning off lights, it's really bad in my living room since their is nothing but lamps, big lamps, but still lamps, and lots of 'em... this would be easly done two (for lights at least) just wire all off the lights power in one area, prefably near your bed (no unnesary walking) flic the switch and your done. this system wouldnt be good for computers, they get angry when you cut the power on em.
i-Mer, Feb 19 2002

       I like to "walk the house" before going to bed; checking that the doors are locked, appliances off, pet cougar is in his cage . . . So, for me, automation is the most useful for turning on lights if I hear a strange sound or turning off my daughters light for the 50th time. "Go to sleep, child."   

       Kidding about the cougar.
bristolz, Feb 19 2002

       Of course, you know what to do if anything goes wrong - open and close windows until everything works again. Do you see? *Windows*. Oh, suit yourselves, I'm wasted here I really am etc.
Saveloy, Feb 19 2002

       Isn't this done with clapping in your hands that makes the curtains close and turn all lights on (equallly off)? But still you're right [arora], I want a switch for everything...   

       Especially feeding my fish should possibly be done by one click.
BartJan, Feb 19 2002

       But having a global shutdown - does that mean that when you hit the 'House On' button in the morning you have to wait for the whole thing to reboot? Or can you get in the bathroom straight away without fumbnling in the darkness, whilst some diembodied voice says "Please wait the house is now loading..."
goff, Feb 19 2002

       The system could also run a "system restore" programme to detect any potential electrical faults - but don't ask me how!
arora, Feb 19 2002

       Brilliant idea! It's like an ESD (emergency shut down) in an industrial plant. Press one button and a logic program determines what needs to be turned off. Of course, unlike an industrial plant the order that things are turned off in your house wouldn't matter. I'm sure this might even be able to be done with simple electric relays. A timer could be incorpororated (10 seconds after shutdown perhaps) to reset all the circuits so that in the morning any light or electrical device can be turned on when you need it. One step further - add a start-up button to turn on all the lights that you typically use while getting ready for work.
georgie, Feb 19 2002

       // Kidding about the cougar. //   

       So it's okay if he's loose then. I see.
waugsqueke, Feb 20 2002

       I'd need one that would make the cats go to sleep for the night, too. Ours wait until they detect the deep, even breathing of sound sleeping in their humans, then resume their ongoing (loud, zooming) battles.
threeoutside, Mar 12 2002

       how is it that a 10oz kitten standing on your chest, exerts a downward pressure of 1/4 ton per paw?
po, Mar 12 2002

       You would have thought by now they could have evolved into dayturnal creatures just to please us. I have found my kitten does like to nap on and off all night providing it can tangle itself in my hair and lick my nose now and then.
arora, Mar 12 2002

       I have a solution for this...live in NYC! Who needs a shut down switch when you live in one room and can touch all 4 walls from the bed?! ;)
jfromm, Aug 22 2002

       [This could explain the weird noises in the closet.]
DrCurry, Aug 22 2002

       [ That's not the closet - it's your head ]
-alx, Aug 22 2002

       check out the new MIRO product line from the WattStopper (wattstopper.com) or Lutron radioRA (lutron.com). I used to work in that business and tested some. You need tro re-wire your switches with new dimmer/controllers, pretty easy - no new wires. But they all are RF controlled, which means can all be activated from a central location.   

       My wife loved being able to turn off ALL lights from the garage, or remote control in her car.   

       Other benefit: you can turn the lights ON from the street when you are driving up, which means no more stumbling into a dark house.   

       And yes, they have plug-in modules for lamps.
yak2, Dec 29 2004

       3 hours later: "Save living room lights before closing?"
phundug, Jan 03 2005


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