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Home main power switch

Because all those LED power indicators are keeping me awake.
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Every external hard drive, every flash drive, every laptop power supply, my 88 key semiweighted MIDI keyboard, outboard speakers, USB hubs... manufacturers think they have to put a blue, blindingly bright light on them that indicates whether they are plugged in. This is entirely unnecessary, and the constellation makes it harder to get to sleep. Right now I have all my computer arena on a power strip that I can unplug or turn off, but there are so many things all through the rest of the house that simply must have a power indicator light. I could suggest manufacturers cut out this junk, but that would be a "Let's all do this" idea (or maybe a "Let's all hit them over the head with their own devices" idea.)

I suggest a main power switch for the whole house that can be activated by remote. Said remote can be wireless, or if you don't want to bother with batteries it could be something that communicates to the main power switch through the home power lines, as it has been proven you can make a home power system double as a network connection. When you activate the remote it sends a signal that kills all power to the house. Your laptop will of course be sent a signal through the power grid to shut itself down automatically. And finally we will have peace and darkness in which to sleep.

If plugged in, the remote should have a small capacitor so it will have the power to send a signal to the mains to reactivate when you want it. Or put it on a timer.

Mission critical devices such as the fridge, freezer and central heat/air would of course be on a dedicated circuit that bypasses this remote controlled main switch. But they would need their own main power that one could throw if something goes wrong, like an electrical fire or something... This will probably be a secondary power main switch. Power goes into the home, goes through the house main, then all power to all plugged in devices goes through a second remote controlled main while power to mission critical devices goes around second main.

Psalm_97, Feb 22 2012

Dimmer Film Dimmer_20Film
Similar idea, no big switch. [Cedar Park, Feb 24 2012]


       I tape dark pieces of paper over all of these - I wish such pieces of paper came with the appliances, though.
phundug, Feb 22 2012

       For some things you can't without covering air vents, connections, etc. This one external hard drive, the indicator is inside the shell and light blasts out all around the stupid thing. Same with these USB hubs. :-/
Psalm_97, Feb 22 2012

       My daughter has each room set up so everything is plugged into one power-strip, so when you leave that room, you just shut off the power strip. It helps...
xandram, Feb 22 2012

       ... as long as it's not one of those power strips with a pilot light.
mouseposture, Feb 22 2012

       //... as long as it's not one of those power strips with a pilot light.//   

       Exactly! Grrr!
Psalm_97, Feb 22 2012

       I guy I know just built a house and in all the kids' bedrooms he had 2 electrical circuits installed. The main one is live 24/7 bit the 2nd one, into which tv's, gaming systems or whatever are plugged, is on a timer which shuts off at 10 pm then on again at 6. He did it for frugality and to keep the kids from staying up all night but it would also serve the purpose mentioned in this post.
AusCan531, Feb 22 2012

       Would probably be available "off the shelf," without any creativity required from the electrician, provided you had the cash: hospitals are wired that way. That is, they have some electrical recepticals colored red, for the //mission critical// devices, like ventilators. (In this application, you'd omit the emergency generator to which those circuits are ordinarily connected.)
mouseposture, Feb 22 2012

       All the houses I have ever lived in in the UK have a big red switch in the meter cupboard by the fusebox that does just this. Plus seperate fuses or breaker swittces for each circuit. [+] for a better implementation as described though. Now, where did I leave the remote?
pocmloc, Feb 23 2012

       You could always get a pay-meter box like Mr. Bean has...   

       As for the USB hubs, hide them in a nice custom wooden box.
RayfordSteele, Feb 23 2012

       A bit of nail polish covers up those LEDs.
tatterdemalion, Feb 24 2012


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