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Ice Chippie

Chips and Ice cream, not just for the pregnant!
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I do love to have chips with my ice cream. So why not make Potato cone, that is fried, with a few normal chips like flakes. I know the ice cream would melt. Ooooh, thinking out loud here... you could have a special container to keep one side cool the other side hot, so you can dip your hot chips into the ice cream! HAS to be thin chips with softie vanilla too.
UK_inthe_NZ, Sep 20 2005

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       Oh and for all you non English readers i mean hot potato chips not crisps!
UK_inthe_NZ, Sep 20 2005

       How is this a new idea?
DrCurry, Sep 20 2005

       vanilla? gross.
benfrost, Sep 20 2005

       HP icecream?
skinflaps, Sep 20 2005

       and you are 100% sure you are not pregnant... are you?
ixnaum, Sep 20 2005

       what no pickled onion?
po, Sep 20 2005


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