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Ice Cream Milkdown

Milk does ice cream good
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Nothing beats a bowl of ice cream except for a nice cold milkshake. Everytime I go to the freezer all I want is bowl of ice cream; I'm not asking too much. Yet on occasion, I am sorrowly disappointed to find that someone has left just barely one scoop left in the tub.

Well my solution to this is in the Automated Ice Cream Milkdown container which would fit any gallon tub of ice cream. This container, which would be an outer shell in which a gallon of ice cream would fit snugly, would automatically sense when there are only 3 to 5 scoops left in the container. It would then eject, from its insulated milk capsule, enough milk to make a nice milkshake (The milk capsule would be insulated as so the milk would not freeze. Additionally it would have a freshness dating system much more accurate than the current milk carton one to let you know when it was time to replace your milk). Up from the bottom would come a small blender mechanism which would whip up the perfect milkshake. Upon completion a light would flash letting you know that your ice cream has just gone into Automatic Ice Cream Milkdown. If you happen to go to the freezer at that time you will have a wonderful milkshake. If not, the milkshake contents would freeze yielding you a greater amount of scoops for your next ice cream experience. This would allow you proper time to go to the grocery store to get a replacement tub of ice cream.

Note: This is NOT an ice cream machine rather a device to merely prolong the life of those last bits of ice cream

cottongin, Apr 30 2002


       Damn, you must really like ice cream.
It's a good first effort (and I like the title), but a little too magical for my tastes - so I've got to bone it. Sorry.
phoenix, Apr 30 2002

       //so I've got to bone it. Sorry//
Could you rephrase that?
thumbwax, Apr 30 2002

       Yes, I could.
phoenix, Apr 30 2002

       [thumbwax] do you want him too? - [phoenix] will you if he asks you to. what was it that Afro says you have to say when replying to a question?
po, Apr 30 2002

       hmmm . . . $100 solution to a $0.01 problem -- how perfect.
quarterbaker, Apr 30 2002

       Why don't you just make a shoppin glist that syas 'Ice Cream' on it when you notice that there isn't enough ice cream left to fill a full bowl?
[ sctld ], Apr 30 2002

       [po]: Anything for [thumbwax].
phoenix, Apr 30 2002

       [p] yeah funny that! cannot fathom the appeal, really.
po, Apr 30 2002

       //what was it that Afro says you have to say when replying to a question?//   

       "...but the Russians are trying to steal it."
AfroAssault, Apr 17 2006


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