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Ice Cream Stuffed Bananas

Just peel and eat.... ice cream
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Suck out the innards of an unpeeled banana with a syringe. This may require some massaging before to soften it up. Still, there'll be plenty of banana meat left inside. Inject with ice cream and freeze.

Peel and enjoy a banana shaped ice cream bar mixed with banana. Ice cream can be any flavor.

samk, Jun 11 2004

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       Frozen bananas themselves are favored by some. [I was going to write that my wife eats frozen bananas, but given the dirty minds of certain moderators, I thought better of it.]
DrCurry, Jun 11 2004

       Wouldn't it be easier to make a fake banana skin ice cream holder? I was hoping for maybe a banana filled with ice cream, marshmallow or maybe chocolate. Frozen bananas? This intrigues me...to the freezer!
harderthanjesus, Jun 11 2004

       [samk]brilliant(+). the only thing is banana should be stuffed with ice cream on demand to avoid freezing & consuming energy till it is sold.this would also help you sell three products as per customers' choice - only ice cream, only banana & ice cream stuffed banana. moreover, a mixture of flavours can be stuffed on demand as per individual likings. in nut shell u don't need to maintain inventory of stuffed,frozen bananas & still delight customers.
vedarshi, Jun 12 2004

       Instead of just filling the banana peel with ice cream, slice the banana in half, scoop out a core, fill with ice cream, place the two halves back together, and wrap it up. Now you have a frozen banana filled with frozen ice cream. Two different textures, two different tastes, one big yummy. (The cutting and scooping of the banana might have to be done while it's frozen to prevent the fruit from falling to pieces while you work with it. It would also be a good idea if one could somehow genetically engineer larger, fatter bananas so that they can hold more ice cream.)
tchaikovsky, Jun 12 2004

       [samk] i had understood that you would be making banana hollow for filling ice cream by sucking out pulp using syringe. if that is not the case, only the frozen peel & ice cream would taste really bad (to most of the people).much larger & fatter bananas are available at least at some places. the only problem would be that voluminous bananas would be out of the capacity of most of the people to eat completely at one go.
vedarshi, Jun 12 2004

       When you freeze bananas they turn black.   

       I'll take chocolate and banana ice cream in mine, please.   

       You freeze just the inside when you make frozen bananas. The peel will definitely turn black even in the refrigerator. I don't like them frozen, but chilled bananas are good.
half, Jun 12 2004

       I'd love to be able to slice ice cream-filled bananas into hot cereal.
dpsyplc, Jun 12 2004


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