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Ice Speaker Boxes

Freeze speakers in ice-walled boxes outside in sub-zero temperatures
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Select sturdy cardboard boxes, the size of the enclosure required, for the number speakers. Wire the speakers together then place them in plastic bags. Fasten them to the inside of the cardboard boxes, with holes cut out for the speaker cone diameters.

Throw in some baffling and seal the lids with tape. Cover the tape with strips of wet newspaper, take the boxes outside and spray them with a light mist of water till lightly soaked. Let freeze for half an hour, place round rigid foam 'plugs' in plastic bags over speaker holes, surround with larger boxes, and pack snow in the gaps.

Cover tops with snow, soak with some water and freeze. Remove outside boxes and plugs but leave plastic bags intact over speakers. Run wires from inside the house to external ice speakers.

mensmaximus, Jan 11 2005

Bet you never thought someone would link an AC/DC listener to this guy? http://www.julioiglesias.net/
[Ling, Jan 11 2005]

Outdoor Speaker http://www.smarthom...ale-brown-each.html
4-season outdoor speaker guaranteed not to melt before Easter. [jurist, Jan 11 2005, last modified Jul 20 2016]


       perfect for playing Julio Igloosias
Ling, Jan 11 2005

       So, now I have speaker boxes suitable for mounting in the Ice Hotel. What's the benefit? Is there any appreciable improvement in the sound quality? Or quite the contrary? If I just wanted a weatherproof four-season outdoor speaker, there are many models of those available as close as the local Target or WalMart store.[link]
jurist, Jan 11 2005

       It's cheaper, you can use whatever speakers are most appropriate (or you already have), you can position them in whatever manner is best, it's something you can take pride in, and it's potentially less ugly than those rocks.   

       On the other hand... I imagine most people listen to music outdoor in the summer, I don't think you should put speakers in a bag, and don't they generate heat? I think, with good design, you could overcome these issues. Assuming they are even issues.
tiromancer, Jan 11 2005

       With a reach that long, [tiromancer], you should be playing basketball.
jurist, Jan 11 2005

       Mano a mano, I'd have to say that since I will be outside trying to build that dam WTO replica at 22 ft X 4 X 4 I'll need some digitally exported cool DJ trance to work me up the slippery slopes. Besides, inside the sound is so loud it shakes any CD player out of control so far. At least today it was.
mensmaximus, Jan 11 2005

       [mens] may I ask? what is your 1st language?
po, Jan 13 2005

       It was babytalk.
mensmaximus, Jan 13 2005


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