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The Self-speaker is an acoustic transducer built into a bra.

The transducer broadcasts directly into the wearer, where in resonates in her lungs, up her windpipe and exits from her mouth.

The transducer output is modulated so that the sound that exits her mouth is an exact replica of Lauren Bacall.

An active feedback loop adjusts the modulation thousands of times a second so the wearer can mouth the words without distorting the output.

The male version is designed to sound like Truman Capote.
pluterday, Oct 19 2003


       "Mama sang bass while daddy did fiddle..."
Tiger Lily, Oct 19 2003

       Hey, I got my hands on one of the first prototypes and people were saying I should sing folk music - like Bob Dylan.
jackottabox, Oct 19 2003

       Truman Capote - are you serious? It's no accident that the man's preferred mode of communicaton was the written word. He sounded like a lizard on helium most of the time. Personally, if I was going to wear any-voice changing paraphenalia in my imaginary man-bra, I'd prefer the deep brown truffled-tones of Michael Gambon; or perhaps the brusque but still evocative voice of a fellow Dundonian, Brian Cox. At a push, Alec Guiness would do. "This is not the bra you're looking for..." etc.
lostdog, Oct 19 2003

       A singing bra - how quaint! Mind if I examine the mechanism?
DrCurry, Oct 19 2003

       "This is CNN"
RayfordSteele, Oct 19 2003

       This would be a fabulous teaching accessory, although I agree with [lostdog] that one should be able to choose one's voice. I'll be Jessica Rabbit, please.
lintkeeper2, Oct 20 2003


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