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Ice chess

Put this on a towel and play it
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These chess pieces would be made of ice except the knights. Those would not be made of ice, and would contain little heaters powered by electromagnetic coils in the board. When your piece melts below a given height it must be removed from the board.
Voice, Feb 20 2024


       Why kill the knights quickly? Do you gain anything from this sacrifice?
a1, Feb 20 2024

       Edited for clarity. The knights tend to kill anything friendly or otherwise close to them. Thus part of the strategy is to play quickly, to kill enemy knights as quickly as possible, to keep your knights as far away from friendly and as close to enemy pieces as possible, and yet to protect your own knights.
Voice, Feb 20 2024

       A similar-ish variant would have each knight contain an explosive charge, and a random-length timer. so that each will explode at an unpredictable point during play
pocmloc, Feb 20 2024

       [+] Why is this knite different from all other knites? :)
pashute, Feb 20 2024

       Rooks, of course will be made from frozen Carbon Dioxide ('Dry ice'). They will be less likely to melt (or sublimate, actually) when near a knight and will even be able to refreeze thawing on other nearby pieces.
hippo, Feb 20 2024

       Um, did the wording of this idea change shortly after it was posted?   

       // did the wording of this idea change shortly after it was posted //   

       Yes. Changed the description of how the knights would work.
a1, Feb 21 2024

       Oh good. I'm still in Berenstein Bear reality for now then.   


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