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The outcome of every capture
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is decided by a separate game of chess.
Voice, Jun 27 2010


       And every capture of the meta game is decided by a metametachess game? +
daseva, Jun 27 2010

       I just had this same thought the other night, only calling it N-dimensional chess.
RayfordSteele, Jun 27 2010

       If the old guys at the mall hear about this I'll 'never' get a game on the giant chess board.   

       An average game of Metachess would last about 22 hours, not accounting for players slowing down as they get tired or for time spent resetting the side game.   

       A game of Metametachess would take about 35 days of continuous play.
Alx_xlA, Jun 30 2010

       <snip> half assed and wrong ideas about how it would work
Voice, Oct 17 2010

       I vote [+], mostly because I would love to see the notation for this game.
phundug, Oct 18 2010

       This would be more easily done for checkers. Checkers could allow given pieces to persist after being jumped.   

       The game would not finish any faster, and would still be infinitely long. Definitely a job for the supercomputer.
bungston, Oct 18 2010

       [Voice] Only captures result in a game, not all moves. Which gives you a theoretical maximum of 30 side games. It would be extremely unlikely that anyone would reach that maxium, however, as a king only tie is not the typical outcome.   

       Using the 40 moves at 2.5 minutes per, a king only tie is just under 52 hours. And a MetaMeta king only tie runs just a shade over 2 months.   

       This assumes, of course, that any capture attempt results in one or the other piece being removed. If a defender win results in no piece being lost, then there is no hypothetical limit, even of a timed game.
MechE, Oct 18 2010


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