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Ice torpedo

Torpedo made of ice
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You never run out of ammunition if torpedo is made of frozen sea water shaped hydro-dynamically. While your enemy must aim and shoot to preserve weapon inventory. You are ,on the other hand, trigger happy. The back of each torpedo can be equipped with a low cost propellant to control its speed and direction. Attack doesnt mean that you blow things up, it can be done by making your opponent "swim" into iceberg just like the Titanic. Now , if you build your submarine with the torpedo tubes on the front or back or side in a matrix like arrangement, you can block incoming torpedo by blocking them in a shield like configuration through shooting several layers of grid of torpedos in a floating-wall-like fashion.
cocobk, Apr 23 2004


       Ever run out of ice cubes in the middle of a drinking session ?
normzone, Apr 23 2004

       I think that if you're trying to force an enemy submarine to sail into an iceberg while it is retaliating with armed warheads, running out of ammunition is not going to be the first of your worries. Fishbone - submarine warfare is not a game of chicken.
DrCurry, Apr 23 2004

       So you're going to pepper your opponent with non-explosive chunks of ice, when a sub hull is usually thick enough to withstand the impact of a non-exploding chunk of steel? Somehow, I don't see this working.   

       //"swim" into iceberg// do you have any idea how much ice you'd have to freeze to make an iceberg that would do any damage? besides, ice floats, and subs are typically not on the surface during sub-to-sub combat. In addition, the heat that you remove from the water in order to freeze it has to go somewhere, likely the water around the sub. Wouldn't this just make the ice-cube torpedoes melt faster?
Freefall, Apr 23 2004

       Uh, simple way to dodge these torps: dive a few feet under the surface. Ice floats, remember?
BunsenHoneydew, Jul 22 2005

       BunsenHoneydew, you can carry and strap on (or freeze in) a weight to balance the buoyancy. FreeFall, if it impacts it will at least dent the opponent's hull, making your opponent a lot noisier. You can push out the hot water in a jet. normzone, when you have the kind of power a nuclear submarine has you can freeze a lot of water.
Voice, Jun 24 2010

       The mass fraction of a torpedo that is neither propellant, motor, guidance nor explosive is minimal. I don't really see substituting ice for this tiny portion is going to help any.
BunsenHoneydew, Jun 27 2010

       when you can make as many as you like you don't need any explosive, guidance, and much less propellant and motor.
Voice, Jun 27 2010


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