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My Camo is Me

For a fake military
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The idea is to project an image of yourself far in advance and 4x the size from an enemy's perspective, to hide your real position and triangulate shots in advance.

With some jiggering, an entire fake army could be projected, especially at night, thereby instigating enemy retreats.

4and20, Aug 03 2021

Project Yourself https://www.dndbeyo...pells/project-image
[a1, Aug 03 2021]

AIM Holographics https://aimholographics.com/
[a1, Aug 03 2021]

Life size terra cotta soldiers https://www.smithso...the-march-30942673/
[a1, Aug 05 2021]

Operation Fortitude https://en.wikipedi...Operation_Fortitude
[a1, Aug 05 2021]


       This is a common spell in D&D games. <link>
a1, Aug 03 2021

       Meanwhile, back in the real world - this may be an application for AIM Holographics <link> and competing companies. <link>
a1, Aug 03 2021

       Or just get a bunch of inflatable dummies, like the blow-ups of tanks the Brits did in WWII.
RayfordSteele, Aug 04 2021

       Yes, that would show real fortitude.
a1, Aug 05 2021

       Or you could set up an entire army of life-size terra cotta soldiers and horses <link>.
a1, Aug 05 2021


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