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Idle Thoughts Amplifier

Music recognition software that identifies then plays what your singing/whistling
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Sometimes a melody lurking within the dustier neurons of my brain works its way into higher levels of consciousness, and manifests as idle whistling or singing.

These tunes come and go unnoticed.

(Mostly because the woman whom brought to my attention, both that I was whistling and that she had a headache, has decided to find another man to badger)

These tunes, however, should not go unnoticed. They should be noticed, identified, and played (should they be in your music library).

In the same vein as the inscription of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi, I propose the creation of a program which employs music recognition software to identify the song you are idly singing/whistling and then play the song from your music library; because deep down inside you really wanted to hear that song.

MikeD, Nov 08 2009

Halfbakery: Who Sings That Damn Song? (2001) Who_20Sings_20That_20Damn_20Song_3f
[jutta, Nov 08 2009]


       You know that the first step of this, identifying a song based on humming/whistling, is done, right?
jutta, Nov 08 2009

       I was aware of the existance of music recognition software and assumed it would stretch to whistling/singing (assuming you aren't terribly tone-deaf).   

       That is most assuredly the fastest Idea-post to annotation time I have ever seen, Jutta.
MikeD, Nov 08 2009

       [+] a device that would continually reinforce the songs that you can't get out of your head ?.... evil.... very very evil.
FlyingToaster, Nov 08 2009

       Now that I think about it, "The Chicken Dance" would be playing constantly, in my house.
MikeD, Nov 08 2009

       //deep down inside you really wanted to hear that song//   

       Nooooooo! Don't you see? There is the terrible possibility of a positive feedback loop where I subconsciously whistle that annoyingly catchy tune - only for it to be played by my stereo, embedding it even further into my brain like some irretrievable poisonous black shard.
Jinbish, Nov 08 2009

       //irretrievable poisonous black shard//   

       It's just another selling point, to me, if this could be used for evil.
MikeD, Nov 09 2009

       Offers [Jinbish] the antidote: The Mexican Hat Dance
Dub, Nov 09 2009

       Would a good name for such an amplifier be Yamawho?
xenzag, Nov 11 2009

       I would use this on a weekly basis. I often get a bit of a song stuck in my mind, and I don't know which it is, only that's it's almost certainly in my Spotify library. On the other hand, I kind of like the challenge of figuring it out on my own. (Recent ones I've figured out: Regina Spektor - All the Rowboats (several times), Kimbra - Settle Down, Charli XCX - Vroom Vroom (not actually in my library until I figured it out and saved it).)   

       Is the software that identifies a song based on humming/whistling better now? I remember SoundHound had that feature 8ish years ago, but I think you had to hum something like ten seconds of the song, which I could never do when I'm in the situation I've described, because I can only remember a few notes.
notexactly, Nov 11 2019


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