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Audio player also gives info on tour dates for favorite bands.....
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when one registers for winamp there is an option to enter the zip code of residence. This information could be used to also provide tour dates related to the zip code for bands in ones play list (provided that the file names are correct).
nomadic_wonderer, Jun 15 2005

same idea http://www.audioscr....com/forum/1/_/5273
different forum.. this would cover all the music you play, rather than current song. [neilp, Jun 16 2005]


       Good idea. [+]
daseva, Jun 15 2005

       I will nobly bun for daseva, who clearly forgot.
moomintroll, Jun 15 2005

       I suggested this on audioscrobbler too, but got nowhere. If anyone knows a good band/gig listing site, then I'll build a greasemonkey script to do it. It could also be done as an wmp or iTunes plugin (I had a look, but my c++ is lacking..).
neilp, Jun 16 2005


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