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Image Enhancing Digital Collar

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This is a flexible LEP monitor fashioned into a tall collar of a shirt. The collar propped up stands behind the wearers head thus placing a digital video screen behind the wearers head. The Collar in the propped up position woill stand taller than the wearers head. Folded down in the position of a normal collar the screen folds over the wearers shoulders. Folded down the collar screen will extend over the wearers shoulders and half way down the back. The device will be connected in some format to a driver device (smart phone, computer etc....)

The purpose of this monitor in the folded down position or the folded up position is to allow a person to display imagery static or video that enhances the wearers presence in a social forum.

Examples: Overly evil wearers may want people to perceive them as good so they could choose to display looping video of blue sky clouds with a halo floating above their heads.

Animal lovers may choose to display videos of puppies frolicking.

Criminals may choose to display video of the various crimes they have committed or crimes that they may be willing to commit.

I read an article about the existence of computer software that can read your brainwaves and produce images of what you are thinking, connected to such a software the wearer could display behind their head images of what they are thinking.

vfrackis, Jan 25 2013


       I would set mine to display live feed from microcameras on the shoulders, giving everyone a return view from my perspective.
Alterother, Jan 25 2013


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