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Knee lights

always see where you're walking
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Tired of falling over on midnight walks in the woods? Unable to locate that torch, or find that you need both hands free? Well help is at hand with new model knee lights!

Made from durable plastic these knee pads contain a powerful LED flashlight set to shine down at an angle to illuminate the ground in front of you lighting the way as you place your feet. The pads also contain a kinetic charger mechanism as used in some watches, so that the motion of walking keeps them charged so they're always ready when you are.

Also, should the worst happen and you STILL fall over at least you've got a set of padded knee pads on.

Bronzewing, May 19 2006

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US patent 8161570 http://www.google.c...v=onepage&q&f=false
cites this idea as prior art [xaviergisz, Jun 03 2012]


       //padded knee pads// -- That's a brilliant idea in itself. I'm tired of damaging my knee pads whenever I fall down. I paid all this money for these name-brand knee pads, and after one fall, plunk, they're ruined. If only someone would invent a cheap knee pad pad.
luxlucet, May 19 2006

       I used to own a bicycle light that strapped to my leg just below the knee. I haven't seen one for years. (The clerk in the convenience store I went in one night had never seen one, and called the police.) See link for Leg Light. It made an okay walking light, but a lousy bike light.
baconbrain, May 19 2006

       Wouldn't these lamps swing up and down too much to be of any use? Hip-mounted or schoulder-mounted lights should be way more stable and pointable. Groin-mounted could be used too, but would require people to dare to think quite radically different about certain things.
Forthur, May 22 2006


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