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Removable Accelerator and Clutch
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If a car thief is lucky enough to get into your car, he'd probably look for the radio first and maybe try to get away as fast as he can. In order for this guy to drive away, he has to be able to give the car gas somehow and change gears, unless he wants to run away from the police at 35 mph in 1st gear. I propose removable accelerator and clutch pedals that would be screwed into the normal linkage(s) but also be strong enough so that they won't twist around in normal driving of the actual owner of the car. However, the removable part would be long enough so that when the thief enters the car, he sees nothing but a floor mat.
thedoubler2, Apr 26 2004


       why not just wrap a chain around the pedals. Its cheaper
hatch, Apr 26 2004

       And take the radio knobs and buttons with you.
FarmerJohn, Apr 27 2004


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