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Networked Dash Cams

Sort of like a neighborhood watch program, for your cars.
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Your network could include just your own camera-equipped vehicles, or your neighbors' as well depending how much you trust each other.

The idea came to me whilst thinking of ways to deter catalytic converter thefts, which are STILL a huge problem apparently. In Washington State, cash sales of catalytic converters are being banned outright starting this July, with a mandatory 3 day waiting period and payment via check.

So, the idea is for a dash camera with parking monitor mode that has sensors tuned to detect the sorts of sounds, movements and vibrations produced by jacking the vehicle up, sawing on the underside of the vehicle, attempting to pry or air wedge the door open, jimmy the lock, etc. Perhaps additional wireless sensors can be added around the vehicle, attached to windows, the frame, etc. Once triggered, the camera would send out an SOS to other nearby cameras on its network, which will then begin recording as well in the hopes that any thieves outside the view of that camera might be captured by a nearby parked vehicle.

21 Quest, Apr 19 2022


       RING for cars? I think you've got something there. [+]   

       My nephew got his catalytic converter stolen. I think thieves should have to pay restitution of 10 times what they stole to their victims if they get caught. Make it financially a really bad idea.
doctorremulac3, Apr 19 2022

       Thieves should also have some "critical underbody components" hacksawed off...
neutrinos_shadow, Apr 19 2022

       People around the world can be quite shameless about coupling in parked cars on public streets, so be prepared for videos of "stolen time".
4and20, Apr 20 2022

       + A nice logical idea!
xandram, Apr 20 2022

       Could run in the background on all networked devices with cameras, e.g. laptops, mobile phones
pocmloc, Apr 20 2022

       //My nephew got his catalytic converter stolen.//   

       That would be my story too. It plays better with responsible members of society than: "Straight pipes make car go fastspoolturbo manyloudspeed!"
bs0u0155, Apr 20 2022

       Yes I know it's not 'strictly' legal... but we've already had so many shitheads trying to rip us off since we moved here, (I'm literally tired of chasing people around in the middle of the night with a paintball gun and a lead pipe, I'm getting too old for that shit), that I am seriously considering innovatively booby-trapping almost every single piece of equipment I need to keep this place running.   

       Nothing potentially lethal of course, and embarrassing enough that I won't get reported.
If they still don't take a hint then I guess it's back to the paintball gun bludgeon method.
<heavy sigh>

       Careful with booby traps. Thieves have successfully sued when injured by people trying to protect their stuff (because the justice system appears to be largely full of idiots). I hate the "be nice to criminals" mindset that seems to be everywhere.
One idea I've considered: "Warning: High Voltage" (or some such) signage everywhere. So if thieving loser gets "accidentally" electrocuted, you can point to the signs & say "not my problem if they ignored the warnings" (again, the justice system is broken, so even that might not work...).
neutrinos_shadow, Apr 21 2022

       Yeah I don't want to hurt anyone unless they attack me. To illustrate what I mean;   

       When we got here every door to every room was kicked in and most of the windows smashed.
It took a while to get everything fixed and to lock up again.
During that time we got so inundated with recyclable empties from campers that it totalled 14 bags at one point before I could see my way to taking them in.
All 14 bags took a walk one night from the unlocked room I had stuffed them in.

       My little booby-trap never got triggered but it consisted of the juice from the empties suspended from the rafters with a container full of flour to drop after the initial dousing which would trigger the fire crackers and a motion sensor camera to record what I would laugh my ass of at for years to come.   

       Sometimes crap like that goes viral. I could have made them famous if they'd only tried again.   


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