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tells you when it's not possible
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Exactly like patience on your PC, except this version tells you when it's not possible for you to 'win'. Basically, makes you think a bit harder when you can't see a solution.
neilp, Dec 17 2003


       I like this because its absurd. So absurd, I'm getting impatient reading this over and over looking for meaning. You get a bun from me [+]
Letsbuildafort, Dec 17 2003

       [o], yep, they're one and the same thing
[Let'sbuildafort], absurdity is as absurdity does.
neilp, Dec 17 2003

Letsbuildafort, Dec 17 2003

       Freecell does this. When I make a move and get a flurry of cards followed by the inevitable "There are no more legal moves" which is an essential "You have no chance of winning, so we'll kill your game for you" it causes a large level of computer-rage.
reap, Dec 17 2003

       Ah, but it is possible to programatically win every Freecell game. The secret isn't exactly well-kept, but I ain't tellin'.
phoenix, Dec 18 2003

       I was really hoping this was going to be a parody of the G 'n R song... just a little impatience, whoa yeah...
luecke, Dec 18 2003


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