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musical card game

high energy combination between a drum circle and go fish
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each player starts out with no cards. the tempo is set by the dealer at the speed the cards are dealt out. the dealer's turn is first. each player makes a rhythmic noise with the number of notes equal to the number of cards he is holding, for instance by slapping cards together, stomping a foot, etc. Once a player decides on a rhythm he must continue with that same rhythm until the game is done, but may stop temporarily during the course of his turn. each turn you may ask another player if he has the same card as you (like in "go fish") and if a card matches you can put both of them down if you wish. if it doesn't match then you must draw a card. if you are asked for a card you don't have, you must sing a response explaining that you are very sorry for not having it.

a player wins when he shouts "(pre-chosen phrase)!" and slaps all his cards down in the center of the table. (they must all be matched pairs.) if you manage to slap your cards down before the blowfisher does, you win. in groups of 3 or more, if you sense that another player isn't keeping up (or has changed his rhythm) you can shout "(player name)!" and _then_ slap all your cards down in the center of the table face up. you may not do this during your turn. if a third player slaps his cards down before the player in question does, then the third player wins. (the third player should have been ready because he was paying attention to the rhythm and knew that the second player was screwing up.)

fenn, Apr 07 2006


       I suck at card games. I have no sense of rhythm. I can't sing. I don't remember people's names. Numbers confuse me. But I will be shouting "(pre-chosen phrase)!" for the rest of the week.
baconbrain, Apr 07 2006


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