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Import Penguins to the North Pole

My friend has hugged a penguin before........
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I hate it in movies where a polar bear is chasing a penguin.

That is stupid, as penguins live near the south pole, and polar bears live near the north.

But what if we imported a colony of penguins to the North Pole?

It is cold there. They like the cold.

There are fish there. They eat fish.

Seals live in the North AND South Pole, and are the only real competition for food.

Sea lions eat penguins in the south. Polar bears could eat them in the north.

I think penguins would fit in well in Alaska and the north.

DesertFox, Jul 08 2004

Baffins, terror of iqualuit http://www.thetoque.com/020827/baffin.htm
the most fearsome of canadian creatures, more deadly than a Moose! [schematics, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 06 2004]

penguins in the arctic? http://www.penguin-...om/post/index8.html
Nine king penguins were released by scientists in Lofoten and Finmark in 1935, and in 1938... [xaviergisz, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 06 2004]

galapagos penguines http://www.siec.k12...penguins/galap.html
[engineer1, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 06 2004]

galapagos map http://www.geo.corn...W/GalapagosMap.html
does crossing the equator by 1degree make them northern hemisphere? [engineer1, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 06 2004]

Does bath water spiral in different directions north and south of the equator? http://www.ucolick....s/physics/ph16.html
This guy says it does [tasman, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 06 2004]


       yay pengiuns!!! what a great idea! there shoould be penguins in greenland as well
yellowblueberries, Jul 08 2004

       Welcome back [DF]. The history of humans introducing species to ecosystems is not a happy one. Think rabbits or cane-toads. But my real concern is this: what is this movie where polar bears chase penguins?
spacemoggy, Jul 08 2004

       this is genius++++
swimr, Jul 08 2004

       its called "three hours of penguin chasing polor bears". you should see it sometime
yellowblueberries, Jul 08 2004

       I was away for 4th of July at another family reunion.....   

       Then when I got back, my internet was down.   

       But now I'm back!   

       Greenland included.
DesertFox, Jul 08 2004

       its a really good movie, my favorite part is when the polar bear chases the penguin
yellowblueberries, Jul 08 2004

       [YBB] Well done for adding the quote marks. You might want to check the spelling of "polar" as well. Oh, and btw, I think you're lying to me. ;-)
spacemoggy, Jul 08 2004

       lie!!! you fool!!! how dare you question my authority!!!
yellowblueberries, Jul 08 2004

       *breaks down and cries* im so sorry, i did lie to you... i just...i always wanted there to be a movie like that... and .... im just so afraid that there will never be one *weeps bitterly*
yellowblueberries, Jul 08 2004

       It was actually your honesty I was questioning. Or is this about the polor/polar issue?
spacemoggy, Jul 08 2004

       umm... well i thought that it was about my honesty... but you can make it about the polar/polor thing, if you want. in that case i think you might be right. hmmm...
yellowblueberries, Jul 08 2004

       Next: Bi-polar bears Lives in the north pole AND south pole. Switches every season.
DesertFox, Jul 08 2004

       i looked it up and it is polar bear, not polor bear
yellowblueberries, Jul 08 2004

       what moggy said the 1st time but nice to see you back you daft DF
po, Jul 08 2004

       Nice to see you too.
DesertFox, Jul 08 2004

       sorry, gotta vote neg for moving species about but a + vote for you! keep posting!
po, Jul 08 2004

       //Bi-polar bears//   

       now *that's* an idea.
xclamp, Jul 08 2004

       First the penguins would be terribly jet-lagged by two winters in a row, and then they'd get clubbed to death by polar humans.
FarmerJohn, Jul 08 2004

       I too was wondering where the daily barrage of DesertFox ideas went
swimr, Jul 08 2004

       finally, competition for the baffin (see link). this is a grand idea. i might have to go on an expedition to bake it.
schematics, Jul 08 2004

       People say "Waaah! We can't introduce these species to new places," and yet they overlook one species that shouldn't be introduced anywhere new...Humans.   

       Keep barraging us with new ideas but <Tongue in Cheek> how exactly is this terraforming? (Bait for UnaBubba) Are you saying that the northern hemisphere is less Earthlike than the soutern hemisphere because of a lack of penguins? It is cold on Mars, I believe you could be correct if humans overlooked the possibility of sending penguins there to terraform it. <TIC>
sartep, Jul 09 2004

       Penguins are southern hemisphere, there are wild penguins right up in the Galapagos islands which are virtually on the equator as in 10's of miles.
engineer1, Jul 09 2004

       1. the Galapagos archipelago is on the equator and 600miles from south america, as such i think that the assertion they are southern hemisphere is fairly safe.   

       2. well by wild i mean not in zoos otherwise all you need to do is visit a zoo in a northern hemisphere country.
engineer1, Jul 09 2004

       [Tabs]: Coriolis forces have no effect on small bodies of water (such as bathtubs). The old chestnut about sinks draining different ways in different hemispheres is a fallacy.
angel, Jul 09 2004

       //The old chestnut about sinks draining different ways in different hemispheres is a fallacy//

And bumblebees can't fly either.
ldischler, Jul 09 2004

       I think the arctic foxes would make short work of the penguins. I have pondered introducing one (just one!) arctic fox to the antarctic as sort of a fox valhalla reward for good behavior. A fox in a penguin colony would be a very happy, fat fox. If somewhat lonely.
bungston, Jul 09 2004

       I think this idea could be somewhat expanded:   

       1) Artic camels 2) Space moggies 3) Whales dumped in some of the Scottish lochs.
britboy, Jul 09 2004

       Very good bungston.
DesertFox, Jul 09 2004

       //I think the arctic foxes would make short work of the penguins//   

       Will you give me four and a half chicks start on the match between a pussy northern hemisphere Arctic Fox and 15,000 Emperor penguins on their home ice?
ConsulFlaminicus, Jul 26 2004

       I think it falls to either of two species Wilderbeast or Capybara to be chased around by predators on TV. They are the only ones capable of managing to be chased down and eaten without upsetting the general public.   

       I propose a Great arctic Migration of Gnu's from the rift to the north pole via Murmansk Ice Sheets (we may have problems around the Suez).
PainOCommonSense, Jul 26 2004

       Yetis?!? did they do a wrong turn somewhere?
po, Jul 26 2004

       Yetis are traditionally found in the Himalayas.
po, Jul 26 2004

       The Great Auk was equivalent to a northern Penguin. If Penguins could survive in the North it would be where the Great Auks formerly roamed.
hangingchad, Nov 21 2004

       V ery small problem with this is that we are running out of North Pole. Current predictions indicate the possibility of an icy sea in the not-so-distant future...
cloudface, Nov 21 2004


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