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Internet-enabled fish

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In the linked idea, the ineffable [Ian Tindale] suggested making bacteria IP addressable.

With bacteria, this might be difficult. Howevertheless, it might work with certain fish.

Many species of fish use electric pulses to sense their environment. It is basically a low-power version of the electric eel's high-voltage pulse, but these pulses are much more frequent, and use very low voltages. By sensing how the field is distorted, the fish can sense their environment. They also sense the fields given off by other members of their own species.

The low-voltage pulses produced by these fish are modulated in frequency depending on their immediate needs (much like a bat's ultrasonic chirps vary depending on whether it is navigating or pursuing a moth).

So, here's the plan. We need a few of these electrosensing fish in a tank, a simple voltage detector, and a food- releasing mechanism.

Initially, the food-releaser is set up to release food whenever it senses frequent pulses. Gradually, however, the parameters are changed such that it releases food only in response to certain patterns of pulses. The feeder gradually becomes more and more selective, until it responds only to valid IP6 (or whatever it is) communications protocols. Gadulka! You now have internet-enabled fish.

Clearly, this could be taken further, depending on the fish's intellectual ability.

MaxwellBuchanan, May 23 2016

Suggested by annotation in: Refractive_20width_...ery_20liquid_20gems
[MaxwellBuchanan, May 23 2016]

Electric fish https://en.wikipedi.../wiki/Electric_fish
Jump to "Weakly electric fish" [MaxwellBuchanan, May 23 2016]

Feeding The Fish http://www.feedingthefish.com/
Astonishing. [8th of 7, May 23 2016]

Cuttlefish https://en.wikipedi...ttlefish#Coloration
Fascinating little creatures ... intelligent, too. [8th of 7, May 23 2016]


       // ineffable //   

       That's true, there's no f in Ian Tindale...   

       // this could be taken further //   

       If you managed to create a Babel fish, God would cease to exist. Or you would be God. Possibly both (or neither).   

       Presumably there's no plaice for flatfish in this idea ?   

       <sound of Borg Cube powering up warp drive to flee inevitable deluge of fish puns>
8th of 7, May 23 2016

       // those that can exhibit different colouring //   

       Squid, cuttlefish (and octupi), or chameleons.   

       Also, <link>
8th of 7, May 23 2016


       Euurgh! Not the creatures, you understand; the grammar.   

       "Octopuses", or "octopodes" (like "antipodes", or "platypodes"), but not "octupi". Also, not "stati", not "hiati", not "virii" and not "rhinoceri".   

       Thank you.
pertinax, May 23 2016

       <peers down into pit trap>   

       <sees [pert]>   

       <evil grin>   

       Yes, we know .... MUHWHAHAHA !
8th of 7, May 23 2016

       {pulling self up by a dangling participle}   

       I was still sore from [blissmiss]'s tennis ball, you know.
pertinax, May 23 2016

       There's no need to be Surly about it ...   

       (been saving that one for AGES ...)
8th of 7, May 23 2016

       //rhinoceri// rhinocerotes.
FlyingToaster, May 23 2016

       //"Octopuses", or "octopodes" (like "antipodes", or "platypodes")// - does that mean that "antipus" is the singular of "antipodes"?
hippo, May 23 2016

       And do one-legged people go to a pusiatrist?
MaxwellBuchanan, May 23 2016

       Yes, [hippo], and no, [MaxwellBuchanan], although "antipod" would be a more natural back-formation (like "gastropod" or "arthropod"). The stem, you see is "pod-", and in the nominative it gains an "s", but "-ds" does not sit comfortably in the Classical Greek sound system, so "pods" collapses to "pous", which is then latinized to "pus". But that nominative ending would only be attached to the last element of a compound word (hence, not "pusiatry") and, in words of modern coinage which no-one thought of declining, not even there.
pertinax, May 24 2016

       I *knew* there was a reason some people study Greek.   

       So, how come seed pods have no feet?
MaxwellBuchanan, May 24 2016

       Given an IoF (Internet of Fish), and possible extensions into starchy plant tubers to give us an IoP (Internet of Potatoes), the logical conclusion is an IoF&C, with W3C recommendations on Curry Sauce and MushyPea extensions.
zen_tom, May 24 2016

       What about salt and vinegar ? Presumaby an RFC (request for condiments) would be necessary...
8th of 7, May 24 2016

       Linus Torvalds ?
8th of 7, May 24 2016

       or, if referring to the secret society, the "Rhinocerati".
FlyingToaster, May 24 2016

       if learning was random could this be an ad-hoc haddock? (+)
xenzag, May 24 2016

       This is a serious idea. It is no plaice for fish puns.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 24 2016


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