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Vote Difference

Like Goal Difference with votes
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Couldn't people get on their user profile page a total croissant count and a total fishbone count (for all their ideas), giving an overall "vote difference". This could be converted to a ranking like best idea, only "best contributor". This would give an idea of the more experienced and more popular users, although these are often apparent by their frequent contribution, something especially useful for the newer baker who wants to avoid getting into a battle of wits with a bakery master.

Based on vote difference, bakers could be rated from the dizzy heights of 'Master Chef' down to the lowly 'Fishmongers Wife'. (Actually i can't think of any intermediate titles... suggestions?).

I personally would love a zero vote diference, so some croissants here would go a way to helping acheive my modest goals!

MikeOliver, May 02 2003

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       It's not a status thing here, it's a community thing.   

       Looking at someone's account page should be enough if people want to see what people have proposed in the past and how well their undeleted ideas fared.
Aristotle, May 02 2003

       I wasn't intending it as a status thing, just a way of keeping track of votes! Any voting system will act as a status symbol, so if this is really just a community thing, then why vote at all? Annotations can convey opinions and comments without incurring any status value.
MikeOliver, May 02 2003

       there are NO master chefs here. do yourself a favour and find a new category to play with. try public:capital punishment - perhaps not!
po, May 02 2003

       //It's not a status thing here, it's a community thing.//
An accidental community, at that.
thumbwax, May 02 2003

       //try public:capital punishment //   

       Thanks po, I needed that.
ato_de, May 02 2003

       I think you all misunderstood the idea. I meant a summary of all my croissants and all my bones on my profile page.   

       This way i could look to see how well my ideas are being recieved on the whole, without going through every one of my ideas.   

       This is an extension of the existing vote system, and is in no way inteded as a mark of status.   

       Una, i did not mention that privacy should be in anyway removed or altered.   

       If an idea gets 21+ and 13- what overall score will they recieve (in terms of croissants or bones?)
MikeOliver, May 04 2003

       [MikeOliver], you're really not seeing the total picture in the proper perspective. You need to write to FarmerJohn and ask if you can apply to join his dojo.
jurist, May 04 2003

       farmerjohn is a contributoer here   

       dunno what a dojo is   

       but search with h/bakery search to find out   

       and ffs calm down
peter2, May 04 2003

       A dojo is a place where martial artists train - has none of you ever seen "The Karate Kid"?
friendlyfire, May 04 2003

       i'm too old for " dojo " to make sense   

       I've just purchased @ 5 DVD s of the three stooges, but for martial arts movies, it was just cain in thet TV show, Kung FU........ he was never at no dojo
peter2, May 04 2003

       Actually, [peter2], you would be wrong about that, too. Cain was an acolyte with the Shaolin monks in that particular television series.   

       And the use of "dojo", in the martial arts sense, was just meant to acknowledge the bushido mastery that FarmerJohn seems to routinely utilize without any apparent effort to display an idea and captivate an entire audience. I can't imagine ever being "too old" to appreciate that skill.
jurist, May 04 2003

       farmerjohn is a f^%&#^@%g genius
peter2, May 04 2003


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