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industrial-grade synthetic snot
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Using a q-tip or even a finger, line your nostrils with this viscous, sticky goop to augment your body's natural air intake filtration system. Depending on the type of environment one is working in, this could be used in conjunction with or instead of a respirator or filter mask.
21 Quest, Apr 04 2014


       A snotty respirator might work nicely. The stuff you put in it could be stickier than the stuff you put up your nose. I'm thinking a rather gungey kind of wet wipe here. A long bandage of cloth that winds onto a spiral airway that has a lot of features designed to break up laminar airflow (which would tend to protect particles from sticky ends)

       You could still back that up with nasal iSnot, eg. when you take a break. And when you want to be low-key (they kill people who wear respiritors out there - even if it's just in their minds) you could apply a subtle dab of gunge somewhere where people are not going to think you're mining. (Or building "snotossies" - little snot oxen - as a local expression goes.)

       The only problem is your nose might take a hint and start to run.
skoomphemph, Apr 04 2014

       "Is that a booger ?"

       "No, it's not."
normzone, Apr 04 2014

       Here, try it. You'll taste the difference.
skoomphemph, Apr 04 2014

       So wrong... The idea came to me after I realized how much industrial dust (kevlar, fiberglass, formaldehyde, other assorted resins, etc) was getting up my nose at the aerospace factory I work at. A Union steward showed me some 'right to know' info on some of the products we're working with, and that shit is scary.
21 Quest, Apr 04 2014

       It might be worth your while to shop around for a good quality mask you're comfortable with wearing. Try looking at masks like cycling respirators. Industrial masks are usually bulkier, with large filters.
rcarty, Apr 04 2014

       Wow... I've never even heard of cycling respirators. I just Googled it, and I'm intrigued. With the iSnot, however, I'm going for low-key. I don't want to be seen as the only guy there wearing a mask while everyone else just toughs it out.
21 Quest, Apr 04 2014

       Maybe there's a couple guys thinking that and somebody just needs to be the first one to do it. Some cycling respirators are pretty badass looking I wouldn"t mind being seen wearing one. And it will keep your mouth shut on the job which might get you ahead.
rcarty, Apr 04 2014

       Are you implying something?
21 Quest, Apr 04 2014

       Well only knowing you online I can't be sure, but I'd suspect you to talk a blue streak on most topics.
rcarty, Apr 04 2014

       [21] -

       Been there, done that. Don't be afraid to wear at least basic gear ALL the time - I'm still paying the price for chemical exposure I took in the early eighties before the whole MSD thing took hold, and I'm sensitized to solvents and bonding compounds now because of it.

       It's no more than wearing a helmet on your motorcycle - do it now. I'm in my cups and not posting more, tag me for tales.
normzone, Apr 04 2014


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