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Improved Ice Cream Chests

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I was in a corner store buying the weekly essentials when i noticed a child reaching deep inside an ice cream freezer chest for her favourite. She reached so far that she actually fell inside the chest and had to be helped out by a member of staff. This lead me to formulate in my mind a better ice cream chest with the following features:

1. Chest elevated to waist height
2. Doors on the front as well as the top

This would increase accessability to tall people such as myself (elevated, using top doors), and small people (using front doors), whilst also avoiding any further unfortunate freezer accidents.

Knut, May 31 2004

Ice Cream Chest http://www.aaacomme...C,IG509C,IG609C.jpg
The Current Death-Trap [Knut, Oct 04 2004]


       The grocery stores around here use up right freezers and refrigerators. They look like big cabinets with shelves inside. The doors are transparent so people can select before they open the door. The only place where I have seen the chests is in the convenience stores attached to gas stations and even those are slowly eliminated.
kbecker, May 31 2004

       You must be ---this--- tall to ride this ride.......
normzone, May 31 2004


       Top shelf ice-cream? Tubs of adult content?
yamahito, May 31 2004

       yama, naughty but nice as per usual!
po, May 31 2004

       Hey, at least I avoided the obvious ice cream chests pun...   

       Oh, damn.
yamahito, May 31 2004

       If you had a door in the front, all the ice would fall out, along with all that cold half melted ice water, dousing the poor fool who opened it.   

       Oh wait, I was thinking ice chest (cooler for drimks).   

       I see now. (+)
DesertFox, May 31 2004

       Perhaps the most popular ice creams could replace themselves, a la Flocking Cones.
neilp, May 31 2004

       Given the UK government crack down on unhealthy snacks i wouldn't be supprised if the opposite was done, ice creams in freezers 6' off the ground.   

       seriously though this is the sort of idea that goes with chocolates and soft drinks by the checkout in a supermarket great idea till parents complain about being pestered by their kid/kids to buy them.
engineer1, Jun 01 2004


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