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Improved Talking Dog Collar

Just the basics, "I'm hungry", "I want a walk" and "You're my hero"
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This would only work with dogs that are a little talkative already.

You'd get a collar and a remote control to program it with. Whenever the dog made his "I'm hungry" sound, you'd push the "I'm hungry" button. It would register the sound from several seconds back and upon your approval, have that sound trigger an appropriate voice actor's characterization of your dog next time Fido makes that sound. This would play through a little speaker on the collar.

Really goofy voice for labs, hard Germanic sounding authoritarian for German shephards or dobermans, Hispanic accent for Chihuahuas unless that's politically incorrect. It would come with lots of voices to choose from.

My gut tells me that this would probably serve to highlight one of the things we like about dogs though, which is the fact that they don't talk.

It could have a mute button.

doctorremulac3, Apr 12 2010

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       // a mute button //   

       Very prescient.   

8th of 7, Apr 12 2010

       This is bakeable and could be big. Vewy big. Big as a big- headed man's head-sized burrito. Biscuit +
Mustardface, Apr 13 2010

       Cool! But there would have to be several different takes for each phrase, because hearing the same exact thing over and over again would get really grating over time. (imagines high pitched Hispanic voice saying "I'm hungry" repeatedly)   

       edit: I just realized that this exists. I've definitely seen it before almost exactly the way you described.   

       edit again: I was wrong. There are two seperate products that, if combined, would become what is described here.
DrWorm, Apr 13 2010


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