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End of Leash Alarm

To let the little guys know they are about to reach the end of their retractable leash and have their necks hurt.
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Lola loves to run.
Here and there, it’s so much fun.
Never done is she.

But without restraint,
Gonna come back home, she ain’t.
A sad sight to see.

So leash and collar
Go on. (Though she may holler!)
It’s retractable.

Twenty feet to roam
‘Round me as we walk from home
Seems acceptable.

But when she reaches
End of the line, it teaches
Go that way no more.

If she’s fast enough
It jerks on her neck so tough,
Surely makes her sore.

With whistle and bell
End of Leash Alarm will tell,
"Slow down, end is near!"

And never again
Will she feel pain at the end,
Running without fear.

luecke, Jun 16 2004


       This would've been worth a croissant even without the haikuic pentameter formatting :)
phundug, Jun 16 2004

       Pavlov pet pre-pull tintinnabula.
FarmerJohn, Jun 17 2004

po, Jun 17 2004

       Great idea - all but the stupidest dogs (all but Red Setters in other words) would learn quickly to stop before getting their necks jerked. This response could then be used to control the dog in other situations - there could be a manual override 'beep', useful to keep the dog much closer when passing other walkers or cyclists etc. Commercial market for this one. Double buns for harmless training.
ConsulFlaminicus, Jun 17 2004


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