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In-transit shipping upgrades

Change from ground to air in mid-ship
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Being cheap, I ordered some software with UPS ground shipping. Later, via web tracking, I saw that the item was taking a grand tour of the USA. If I had the option, I would have clicked an "upgrade" button and submitted payment to change the shipment from ground to air.

Then, at the next hub, the first time the barcode was scanned, the package gets automatically transferred to next aircraft out. To keep it simple, offer only one upgrade, Next Day Air, with the full payment for that option. UPS (or airborne) makes some additional cash, and I get my item sooner.

FooToo, Aug 21 2002


       If you have ever been to one of their facilities, you would see that this would be easy to impliment. Actually, if you contacted UPS directly, you could stand a good chance of getting it. Just like in most other industries, money has alot of influence, and if you are willing to pay for it, it can usually be done.
baron555, Sep 30 2002

       Sometimes, though, a package can go many hours without being scanned. Since the ground-service facilities are in many cases quite separate from the air-service ones, a package whose upgrade was requested Monday morning might not be found and rerouted until Monday evening after the flight for Atlanta has already left. Consequently, the package wouldn't reach Atlanta until Tuesday evening and thus would not reach its destination until Wednesday, by which point it probably would have arrived anyway.
supercat, Sep 30 2002


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