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Intelligent Mail (Postal) Box

Wireless, net enabled, mail drop boxes
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If I can print my own postage at sites like stamps.com, why don't drop boxes have wirless, web enabled terminals that allow me to swipe my credit or debit card, insert the corner of my envelope, and print my postage right at the box? Similar to an ATM, but in addition to postage, you could look up addresses, postal codes, weigh items for correct postage, etc.
Novysan, Jan 07 2004

http://www.stamps.com http://www.stamps.com
[Novysan, Oct 04 2004]


       And if your address is registered with credit card info, all you need is the envelope to be scanned. If the post office was willing to do that, we wouldn't need stamps. +
theircompetitor, Jan 07 2004

       wow...i googled the crap out of this becuase i was sure that someone somewhere had done this...but i found nothing. This is really a great idea!! Kudos to you....and a croissant to go with them!
babyhawk, Jan 07 2004

       + I was going to annotate my own idea, when I realized it was a whole new idea, so I've posted a link to RFID Postage stamps in the links section.
Novysan, Jan 07 2004

       Sounds like a good idea. The technology is all available today, and combining ATM and bar code label printer in one location is a nice synergy. +
gardnertoo, Mar 07 2004


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