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In The News Today

a fun idea in the vein of the Halfbakery
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For this idea, a web bot is needed that will scan the headlines of (online) major world newspapers daily, and present them to users.

A number of appointed moderators or even just average Joe users choose ‘suspect’ headlines. The users then write new stories for the existing headlines. At the end of each story, other users can suggest modifications, comment on, or just congratulate the author of the story. Additionally, pictures from newspapers can be chosen and new captions suggested, like Clive James sometimes does when he covers the news.

I imagine the result would be something not unlike the Halfbakery, with a mixture of humour, rants, and the occasional skirmish over politics/religion. It would be a fun idea, copyright issues aside.

sdm, Sep 29 2001

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       Although not exactly along these lines, this idea reminded me of the end segment of (ABC Australia's) "Backberner", where serious newspaper reports are shot down with piss-taking comments.
mrkillboy, Sep 29 2001

       Oh everybody does it. I always enjoyed the Clive James new year special with its regular 'news' updates. I've just never seen it done in an unregulated way over the Internet.
sdm, Sep 29 2001

       In a way, [UB], but the submissions by users don't necessarily have to have anything to do with current affairs or the titles of the newspaper ads. It's basically just creative journalism using existing titles as stimulus instead of real stories.   

       I got the idea for this when I was reading a story about the Anglican Church. It was entitled “Primate’s Wife Demands Apology from Church”. I was disappointed to read the actual story because the title promised so much.   

       [DrBob], that's a little too big.
sdm, Sep 30 2001


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