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Please Wait Video

For YouTube clicks
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A video that shows spinning dots with the words Please Wait.

The sequel would have a still image with a finger pointing to the brightest dot on the spinning dots, with the words Please Wait.

pashute, Apr 06 2011

#pleaseWait - Please wait amazing video https://www.youtube...watch?v=IglmNybubw0
finally baked, three years later [pashute, Sep 11 2014]


       You know you can turn those dots into a game of snake if you hold the arrow keys down.
mitxela, Apr 06 2011

       No, I did not know that! It works! (clicked PAUSE then the up arrow)
pashute, Apr 06 2011

       See Link! OK. I made it with the YouTube video editor.   

       (Took the image from an animated gif, found after searching for "loading" on google images, and saved it as a Jpeg file on pixlr)   

       Its an amazing video, and a must watch. Without much noise it raises the awareness to all the waiting we have in this world. Please share #pleaseWait
pashute, Sep 11 2014


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