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In my hot little hands

A way of judging product size online
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The online shop will ask you to scan in your own hand at the resolution specified or will give you the option of using their downloadable home software which hooks up to scanners.

The home software will take a silhouette outline of said hand make the appropriate calculations and then their server side software will create a 3d object based upon the specific size of your hand.

Then it will show the products approximate size next to or in your hand or hands for scale. See how small that iPod mini really is.

It could probably be a really good judge of ring size as well.

sartep, Feb 09 2006


       //It could probably be a really good judge of ring size as well// Is it safe to sit on a scanner?
ConsulFlaminicus, Feb 09 2006

       They do make hand held scanners, if that helps you any.
sartep, Feb 09 2006


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