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CCD Flatbed

Digital Camera based Flatbed scanner
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Flatbed scanners are slow and awkward when compared to the speed and versatility of digital camera image capture. While the ultimate quality of a flatbed is superior to a digital camera this level of quality is not necessary for the vast majority of consumer scanning needs.

A CCD-based scanner would simply take a digital camera picture of whatever was placed on the scanner bed. The electronics in the device would compensate for the various distortion effects introduced by the lens system to bring the resulting image closer to flatbed standards (e.g., no barrel distortion).

The device could include options allowing for more complex scanning tasks. For example, when scanning books the electronics could automatically remove distortion that occurs at the spine of the book.

The primary objective is to increase the throughput of scanned images. Such a camera-based scanner could capture consumer quality film-based photos at a very high rate relative to a flatbed scanner. Images could be captured as fast as the user can place the photos to be copied on the scanner. With an auto-feeder the system could easily scan at a rate of a hundred photos a minute.

codesuidae, Feb 12 2007

http://www.atiz.com codesuidae's link as a link. [jutta, Feb 12 2007]

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       More research turns up some well-baked products:   


       But I'd still like to see more automation. Perhaps a computer controlled shutter release cable or shutter-release button pusher gadget to allow the computer to operate a consumer camera on a custom mount.
codesuidae, Feb 12 2007

       BUN! But I would hope that they figure out how to make the CCD focus on the image. Most CCD's that I know of have a lens in front if it.
Jscotty, Feb 13 2007

       Rock n' roll dude! I'm totally all about speed and accuracy when it comes to scanning stuff in at higher and higher resolutions!
quantum_flux, Feb 14 2007


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