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OCR paper grading

OCR of school papers to automatically enter grades into a database.
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At Quora I read that a Junior high school the teacher spent more time entering grades into an application than actually grading the papers. They had saved up 600 of them for a data-entry session.

This suggested the obvious OCR (optical character recognition) of graded papers and their entry into a database.

A fun casual approach would be an OCR pen that interpreted the written scoring, perhaps preceded with a circle around the student's name. OCR pens already exist.

Another approach could be just loading a stack of graded papers into an OCR with a sheet feeder.

Less obvious would be OCR glasses that merely gazed at the papers while the instructor wrote on them.

While really obvious there are millions of teachers worldwide that might welcome an OCR approach.

beanangel, Nov 17 2018


       [+] Anything to limit the overhead and helping systems to a realistic intrusion on actual work time. the solution has to work and be less time intensive.
wjt, Nov 17 2018

       Back in Korea (South) my colleagues ended up with a bazillion test papers with "tick the correct box" forms.   

       Stupidly I remembered about halfway through their marking that they could do a template with bits cut out over the correct answer, save all that time totting up points. Education is just another factory.
not_morrison_rm, Nov 17 2018

       Why do they write the grade on the paper rather than typing it in as soon as they've decided it? (Actually, why do they read the writing on paper at all?) They could even type in a mark for each aspect of the work and the computer could automatically compute the overall grade according to the rubric.   

       Alternatively to OCR, just use a smartpen that's capable of tracking on mundane paper (perhaps using an IMU or special writing pad), or put the paper on a graphics tablet and use its stylus (but then you don't get ink on the paper and so can't see what you're writing, so there's really no point in putting the paper on top of the tablet).
notexactly, Dec 03 2018


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