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In the Game

Method for appearing in all games
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What you need is to be able to have a dir on your system that Direct X looks in....picks up your images of yourself, ie: face/body/martian, whoever you want to be and just use that in every game that uses direct x. So whether you are playing doom III, or Need For Speed, you are actually in the game.. Unless of course its Motor Cross Madness, and you have a really big beard and they get the physics right so that your beard splits down the middle when you get some good speed up...
Supercruiser, Nov 18 2002

Avatar Me http://www.avatar-me.com/
[krelnik, Oct 04 2004]

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       At least one company (probably others) will scan you in and turn you into a models or avatar or "skin" that could be used in the common first person shooters. I like your idea of adopting a common format for this, that could be used in any game. It would be quite handy.
krelnik, Nov 18 2002

       Obviously games would have to be specially written to take account of these files - I can't see a common way of making existing games use them. But apart from that, a good idea.
pmillerchip, Nov 19 2002

       Good one. Vice City has headed in that direction.
General Washington, Nov 19 2002

       Hate to be the bearer of bad news on this one, but have you actually made a skin for a game? The differences in skinning between Quake 2 and Quake 3 alone make it IMPOSSIBLE to just convert over a skin between games. These are 2 games by the same designers, id software. If these games are incompatible, how on earth do you expect to make a generic direct x module?   

       Individual games might implement something where you can take a photo and put it on a model, but due to different 3d meshes used in different games, with different implementations, and different... you get the idea. As for any game looking at a photograph and building a dynamic 3d mesh including animated hair or beards... that's just baked right there.   

       It's a nice idea, but impossible to implement with the features, or the scale you propose.
ArmoredHeart, Feb 03 2003


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