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incremental undo - rewind option for brush strokes
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I guess the most immediate application of incremental undo would apply to operations inside of graphics programs. And yes, in most programs a block oriented undo system makes more sense (going back steps=leaping from block to block).. But I think there are cases inside of graphics programs where you could offer undo functionality inside these blocks. It wouldn’t be that hard with today’s technology to capture a portion of a brush stroke or other motion operation whenever a program polled the mouse. Then one could roll these back or foreword within that particular operation. This would be the easiest to implement in vector-based graphics programs that were just being built from the ground up.
lepton, Apr 13 2005

Gradual Undo http://chronicallyu...stuff/tech/undo.php
[lepton, Nov 11 2013]


       I've linked that address. You can do this yourself and remove this if you wish.   

       I think I understand what you mean, but it's not incremental undo - it's more "gradual undo".   

       Incremental undo means that I can undo my last (whole) action, like drawing a line, then the action before that, and so on -- that's widely implemented.   

       With what you propose, I could go back about half a line, until it went awry - and then pick up after that.
jutta, Apr 14 2005

       In Photostudio I enlarge the view, make a small change of shade or tone, diminish the view to check the result, and repeat. This process would be more satisfying with two improvements, one would be the subject of [lepton]'s idea, the other would be to have a way to define (in the strict sense, to isolate and file the characteristics and actions of) changes made within a defined range of pixels for experimentation.   

       BTW: Layers, while useful in this regard, seem awkward in practice
reensure, Apr 14 2005

keith_s, Apr 14 2005

       One of the ancient versions of Paint allowed one to select an area and "undo" the last change to that area.
supercat, Apr 14 2005

       I believe this is sort of baked in the 'History Brush' tool in Adobe Photoshop where you can effectively 'paint' an undo in the desired location. It doesn't have that cool little knob to twiddle with though.
HowardMarks, Apr 15 2005

       In AutoCad, when in mid function (for example trimming lines back to a chossen line) you can undo the last action wihin that command. Once you have left that command, you can only undo the whole command.   

       I like this idea, because even in autoCad this limited undo function is restrictive. Maybe you've only just realised the second last thing you did was wrong....   

       AutoCad features some other useful 'undo' commands like the [oops] command, which undeletes the last thing delted regardless of what commands have been used since.   

       This idea extends that further to (in my understanding/ hope this could become part of autoCad) being able to undo the history of actions specific to a particular object, rather than the history of action to the whole file...
afrocelt, Apr 15 2005

       Is that (link on chronically unemployed) your work, or someone else's? Did you ever propose this to Adobe? Wow, the implementation took 8 years!!
pashute, Nov 11 2013

       I actually implemented it in '05 but I no longer had that domain so I updated the link
lepton, Nov 11 2013


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