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image text sharpener

A text sharpener for blurry document images
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Stage 1. Finds text areas and marks them (say, with a yellow "marker")

Stage 2. Finds drawing/picture areas and marks them differently (say with a half-transparent light-purple box)

Stage 3. Allow user to change sensitivity of automatic text- area discovery (which would change for example how much of the text that's seen from the other side of the page is to be detected, or stuff written in pencil).

Stage 4. Allow user to "mark" more text to be treated, and to "unmark" part of the texts that was previously marked, so those areas will not be treated.

Stage 5. The user can choose to sharpen with or without OCR.

Stage 6. When sharpening with OCR, the letters are retrieved. Questionable letters give options of which letters they could be. For example capital O Q C or D

Stage 7. The user can choose colors for treated background and text.

Stage 8. The user can choose to treat the background or leave the background as is.

Stage 9. Press sharpen,

For the default all areas outside the two types of markings are turned to white and the texts are sharp.

pashute, Aug 30 2019

GitHub: mzucker/noteshrink https://mzucker.git.../20/noteshrink.html
Some overlap with this baked script that cleans up scanned handwriting. These could complement each other well, maybe. [notexactly, Aug 30 2019]


       [Hello there. I moved your idea to "Computer: Graphics", and renamed the title to not contain a category request.]
jutta, Sep 02 2019

       Thanks jutta. Great to hear from you and honored to receive your attention.
pashute, Sep 03 2019

       Thanks NE. That is a fascinating read!
pashute, Sep 03 2019

       // Great to hear from you and honored to receive your attention. //   

       You're a right little toadying groveller aren't you [pash] ?   


       We note that you have deprived She Who Must Be Obeyed,our Beloved Leader the semi-Divine [Jutta], of both her capital letter and the conventional Brackets [].*   

       We deprecate such carelessly insulting behavior ...   

       * Not parentheses () or braces {}, mind ...   

8th of 7, Sep 03 2019

       //her capital letter//
As her username is all lower-case, standard etiquette is to keep it that way when referring.
neutrinos_shadow, Sep 03 2019


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