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In transit train connections

change trains in transit
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To change trains I don't have to get down at stations and do so. Whenever a train encounters any other train going in the same direction on adjacent track, both trains match up their speeds and lock up for 10 secconds. Doors of both trains perfectly align and a temporary passage-way is formed between trains and passengers change trains. After 10 seconds passage-way is retracted.
VJW, Dec 17 2010


       init_count = +1 ;
VJW, Dec 19 2010

       ...and if the connecting train is late?
ixnaum, Dec 19 2010

       then get the next one.. This ( in transit connections) should be in addition to regular connections, I think.
VJW, Dec 19 2010

       Its all relative !... I looked at some other posts on HB ...
VJW, Dec 19 2010

       Then the trains both stop at the next station to let people who live there on and off. And to allow folks to transfer that couldn't make it in ten seconds. And to fire the engineers that didn't make the meet-up perfectly. And to take to hospital all the folks who fell down while walking on a moving train. And to tell the damned track maintenance team to take that damned post out of the damned way before damned passage-way damned well hits it a-fucking-gain.   

       There are good and sufficient reasons that trains work the way they do. If you want to improve things, you have to do better than wish and hope. [-]
baconbrain, Dec 19 2010


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