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The moving sidewalk train

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Rather than standing on a platform to board the train, which then has to stop, passengers stand in a widely spaced queue in the middle of the track. The train barreling down on them is really a self-powered passenger car, open at each end. A moving sidewalk at the entry side of the train allows a passenger to step into the train at a low relative velocity. The moving sidewalk then accelerates the passenger up to train velocity. (That is, it stops relative to the train and the passenger steps off the sidewalk into the train proper.)

To disembark, a second sidewalk at the exit end of the train is used.

Scary as hell, first time you try it.
pluterday, Sep 23 2003

Improved non-stopping subway underground http://www.halfbake...ay_2f_20underground
closely related idea by [futurebird] [krelnik, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       What a rush! +   

       "Mommy, Mommy. That giant worm just ate up all the people!"
Tiger Lily, Sep 23 2003

       This idea is seen in Isaac Asimovs 'Robots of Dawn' although there wasnt any tramcar or train , just faster and faster sidewalks(they live under glass so weather is not a problem)
rep_movsd, Sep 23 2003

       ...and its been discussed here at the bakery as well, see link.
krelnik, Sep 23 2003


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