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Incoming Boss Alert

Close that personal file on your computer before you get caught surfing on company time.
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Basically, it's a modified webcam that sits on top of your cubicle wall (for those of us that have cubicles) on a constantly-rotating pedestal (it spins really fast). As it spins, it snaps pictures of every person within visible range, cross-referencing the pictures with pictures of all your supervisors that you have stored in a secret file. (non-matches are instantly deleted)

If it snaps a pic that matches one in your boss file, the device emits a low-volume ascending tone, and displays on the pedestal (via digital LCD display) the boss's proximity in meters/feet/yards/etc... (unit of measurement selectable).

(for maximum benefit, use in conjuction with the [self-spinning chair], which comes equipped with an automatic shutoff if a Boss is detected within 3 meters)

21 Quest, Oct 10 2006

fastest draw in the office http://www.halfbake...20In_20The_20Office
[theircompetitor, Oct 10 2006]

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       Or just take a saw to the cubicle walls, so you can see to the horizon.
DrCurry, Oct 10 2006

       Yeah, but if he sees you first, you're screwed, and if you're blind-folded enjoying the Self-Spinning Chair, you'll never hope to see him first.
21 Quest, Oct 10 2006

       Tear down the wall.
zeno, Oct 10 2006

       //tear down the wall// and get fired for vandalism... wonderful idea, if the world really worked the way it did in the movie Office Space.
21 Quest, Oct 10 2006

Overly complex
Probably expensive

       I love it. Where can I get one? (Note time of post during normal working hours...)

       I'm lucky...my boss has squeaky leather shoes, I can hear him coming with plenty of time to close a window.
Freefall, Oct 10 2006

       RFID eclairs and sensors would work better. Also might get you a raise.
baslisks, Oct 10 2006

       I am hearing that the face recognition software is working very well in stadiums and arenas during large sporting events. But I am sure that they get several "false-positive" readings. Its not so bad to get 25 to 30 false readings in a crowd of 18,000 people.. but if the system keeps alerting you because it picks up the other 4 to 5 guys that look similar to your boss, eventually you will ignore the alert when the boss REALLY comes.
Jscotty, Oct 11 2006


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