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Indestructible Mobile Homes

Spherical Double-wide Domiciles
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The plan here is to create perfectly round mobile homes. They'd have to be able to float, roll, and bounce, to counter the effects of floods, tornadoes, and earthquakes. I'm not sure about fireproofing, but it could be added in there somehow.

With respect to the rolling feature, you'd want the premium model to have an inner sphere with ballast for keeping its contents level. That way you could simply harness it with an exterior hoop-like structure and pull it behind a truck to move it to a new Orb Park or restore it to its home position after a hurricane or rapture or whatever.

The earthquake mode would be the most fun, as it could bounce higher with each crest of the lateral wave. The home would be able to double as a boat, and could be towed by a jet ski or other convenient motorized device.

But safety and convenience are just the beginning. Mobile Home Croquet would become popular, with gigantic pneumatic cannons firing the buildings at one another and St. Louis Arc-like wickets.

I know somebody will point out that geodesic domes already posess some of these benefits, but those tend to be less mobile and not completely spherical with one notable exception (see link).

The obvious way to market the pre-fabbed accommodations would be in gigantic gumball machines. The color and interior would be left up to chance, and people would save up to collect all of the different flavors.

Also, there would be optional concave foundations available for customers who wanted to build on mountaintops or other positions of unstable equilibrium.

OJCIT, May 27 2005

Geodesic sphere http://www.intercot...edc/SpaceshipEarth/
Not a bad starting point, but probably not within most mobile home buyers' budget. [OJCIT, May 27 2005]

Auto-Mobile Homes Auto-Mobile_20Homes
redundant, sorry [FarmerJohn, May 27 2005]

Tree Spheres http://www.freespir...heres.com/index.htm
Not indestructible, but spherical, and portable. [Soterios, May 27 2005]


       You might be able to make this idea more original (and poetic) by making the outer sphere a giant tumbleweed. Just go where the wind takes you...
Adze, May 27 2005

       See The Big Lebowski. Experience the world from a bowling ball.
ldischler, May 27 2005

       Will the gumballs still cost .25c?
daseva, May 27 2005

       But, but, but, I don't want my house rolling around. It'd squish other peoples gardens, might even flatten a bunny or two. But that's just me. Each to their own, I guess.
blissmiss, May 27 2005

       I don't know about you, but anytime I see a product advertised as "indestructible" I have a keen urge to grab my sawzall. I suspect Mother Nature feels much the same way, considering the fate of the Titanic.
justaguy, May 27 2005

       How about a tube structure?   

       like a 16 foot diameter pipe thats 50 feet long with 1 foot thick walls filled with foam, aluminum outside and plastic inner panels, sits on a foundation and all openings in the lower half are completely waterproof and the door can pe pressure sealed. mass produced pipe communities...   

       or is it just a pipe dream? lol
Arcanus, Nov 14 2008

       Brilliant. :) They should be also magnetic so that you can group them and have expansions, like a back yard, pool, golf course, security perimeter mine field...
JeanLuc159, Apr 02 2012

       This is great.
bungston, Apr 02 2012

       Tornado zorbing?
Loris, Apr 03 2012

       Let me share a fact generally known only to Navy SEALs* and railroad carknockers: nothing, NOTHING, is indestructable. A good friend and former co-worker used to brag about me that if I were handed a sphere of solid titanium, I'd have it in pieces within half an hour.   

       Regardless of that small technical point, I like this bake. Here's a solid titanium bun. See if you can break it.
Alterother, Apr 03 2012

       Build underground.
gtoal, Apr 04 2012

       I think the problem is the lack of indestructible people to live in these.
not_morrison_rm, Apr 04 2012

       Perhaps start with dog houses and cat houses to prove the concept and develop the building technology.
popbottle, May 27 2013


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