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housing: semi-permanent

inflatable house with foam instead of air
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ok, i know people have mentioned houses that are inflatable for temporary shelters, and i know people love "great stuff" polyurethane foam in a can, so i thought why not combine them????

imagine a 1 story home built like domes and archways that you start off with an inflatable structure kinda like the inflatable church but you make the walls only 12" or so thick, just enough for it to stand by itself.

then....you hook an adapter to the bottom of each section connected to a big tank of foam as a liquid. you release a valve near the top of each section and let the foam expand to replace the air. when you are done you have a building that has 12" thick walls, airtight seals and, in tight conditions, could be turned upside down for a makeshift rescue raft, lol. seriously though, you could even have a basement dug out and have any type of floor you want. you could also make a simple steel or aluminum frame to keep it from looking like a 30 foot jello mold wobbling in the wind. if you need windows you can cut them out, use a can of great stuff to fill in the gaps around the window and paint over it.


watch for my other housing ideas!!

Arcanus, Nov 06 2008


       Yay! gonflable mousse.
skinflaps, Dec 22 2009


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