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Internal Dryer Drum Clutch

No spin, please
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A recessed handle on the inside of the dryer door. You climb in the dryer, close the door, and squeeze the handle. The warm air begins blowing through, but the drum does not spin.

(Disclaimer: I just had to chip a vehicle out of the ice, and am unreasonably cold. The dryer looks very inviting.)

lurch, Feb 09 2008


       The oven seems like a more likely choice for this sort of very questionable activity. Set the oven on low and climb in. I suspect evaporation would keep you pretty cold in the drier unless you took off your wet clothes.   

       Instead why not throw your clean but wet clothes in the functional drier and take a hot bath?
WcW, Feb 09 2008

       Just go dryer riding, actually did this one summer while working at scout camp. Friday night we ended up at a laundromat at the edge of Cornell's college town. Dryer Riding is pretty fun.
jhomrighaus, Feb 10 2008

       So it's a convection oven then?
phoenix, Feb 10 2008

       I can relate. I once rode my motorcycle to school and hit a major snow storm. Nine total hours, three hours behind a salt truck getting pelted with salt. I learned to love hot air hand dryers at rest stops. Unzip the top of my coat and blew the air down my shirt. Even the cold shower felt warm, the hot shower made me feel faint. Electric blankets and 10 hours of sleep was my solution. (+)
MisterQED, Feb 10 2008


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