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Individualized heart-lung machine

Record patient's own heart-lung rhythm and play it back during surgery
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Once again let me try to put together a few pieces of irrelevant looking information and ask for your input. 1- Recently I heard during a hospital radio commercial that when the heart is stopped to operate it, it takes a lot longer to recover for the patient and the chance of a “stroke” increases greatly. 2- I also heard that the recent studies suggest that the surgeries of “unclogging of circulatory system” that appeared to be warranted for patients’ survival may cause more harm than good since the build up in the arteries could have formed to harmonious, non-turbulent pathways that should not be disturbed. (I am sure this is not true for all cases). 3- Open heart surgeries (perhaps other ones too, I don’t know) sometimes are performed by using a heart-lung machine that imitates the rhythm of a “generic heart and lung”. 4- Heart rhythm has a general text book wave form however, when analyzed it reveals a lot of personalized features that depend on individuals, which I assume is the best for each individuals circulatory system.

If disturbing a partially clogged artery may cause problems, then wouldn’t a heart-lung machine that has a generic heart-rhythm that does not perfectly imitate a patient’s heart beat cause problems such as forcing the buildups in the circulatory system to change shape during surgery leading to strokes? (I guess (1-) supports this).

Therefore a partial solution could be as simple as recording patients’ heart rhythms prior to surgery and playing back during surgery through the heart-lung machine. Maybe, there is already a heart-lung machine like that and I wasted your time.

What do you think?

Thank you,


cekirge, Apr 13 2002


       My brain thinks on only its veinous side, and my heart beats only from its veinous side -- I over-excited my whole arterial tree half a lifetime ago. Your idea, however, rates a croissant so count me in.
reensure, Apr 14 2002

       What if the heartbeat is irregular because of condition?
thumbwax, Apr 14 2002

       If they accidently playback the wrong person's recording, could you awake from surgery strangely in love with the old man in room 422's wife?
spartanica, Apr 14 2002


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