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plugs into USB
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since an ECG is just a fancy voltmeter, and "interpretation" has been done by computers for years, it should be possible to make a very cheap ECG/monitor that just plugs into USB port of any computer... I mean REALLY cheap, as in $10. It could replace the stuff that docs now charge hundreds (per day) for!!
lewstanley, Nov 28 2003

Home ECG http://www.medicalr....asp?catalogid=4392
In fact, this one plugs into your PDA! Not quite $10, though. [Cedar Park, Oct 04 2004]


       OK - it is baked. Except I dont have one and neither do you. That brings up an interesting problem- the cost and accessibility of technology. Technology that is not accessible is not useful. Cost is the usual reason. Understanding the "cost" becomes as important as understanding the technology !
lewstanley, Aug 20 2004


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