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Induction Coil/Jumping Ring

Forgive me my Sun...
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What if they made a big one of these? I mean big. Real big. As big as a mountain with the pole extending 30 miles up. Do you think you could get one of those aluminum rings past Earth’s gravitational pull? And into the Sun's gravitational pull? If so, what you have here is an inexpensive solution to that pesky nuclear waste problem.
r_kreher, Jun 29 2008

Das Ringen Catapult!! http://www.youtube....watch?v=nQQmlBJFxpg
[r_kreher, Jun 29 2008]

Doesn't anyone where saftey glasses? http://www.youtube....1iE&feature=related
[r_kreher, Jun 29 2008]

Emily? Safety goggles??? where are they?? http://www.youtube....watch?v=_rJnH1nKOVM
[r_kreher, Jun 29 2008]

(?) http://people.clark...mkorff_big_coil.jpg [r_kreher, Jun 29 2008]




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