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Leprechaun Gold powered generator

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I was pondering the sheer genius of the memory metal post for the Pisa tower when I realised that there's some original metal-changing hanky panky.

Not to put too fine a point on it, leprechauns.

Now, I'm thinking that when the gold returns to base metal, radioactivity will ensue. So, this might provide a power source for a Mars trip, or explain human mutation rates and/or provide the tobacco lobby with one more loophole viz cancer rates.

The Mars trip would best be done with a series of gold pots, one opened every month, the downside of carrying all that mass of gold into orbit should be offset by the lack of long-term radioactive by-products compared with uranium.

Further research suggests leprechaun's have up-skilled into Forex, hedge funds and the Bitcoin, but perhaps some of the old skills are still being practised somewhere.

not_morrison_rm, Sep 02 2014

Tooth fairies https://www.youtube...watch?v=9_sNsOl5uUI
[not_morrison_rm, Sep 03 2014]


       The leprechauns would know all about this, themselves being from Mars, of course. ("little green men", they are...and for more proof, remember the "Clarke's Law" that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.)
Vernon, Sep 02 2014

       So, not like Paul Daniels at all?
not_morrison_rm, Sep 03 2014

       Nice, some kind of lepreciprocal drive could be forged out of some form of alternating rainbow generator that toggles the rainbow state between on and off states, the phase/elemental/existential transition states of the pot of gold used to drive all manner of gears, pistons and linkages - I do believe you may be on to something here.   

       To this end, for my own personal enrichment, similar patents have been hastily penned and are currently winging their way into multiple patent offices covering other variations on the theme such as tooth-fairy engines, unicorn tear drives and most controversially the vacuum powered dont-believe-in-fairy system that converts varying levels of belief into directly transmissible mechanical power.
zen_tom, Sep 03 2014

       //unicorn tear drives   

       That's a toughie, I tell you even showing the bit where Bambi's mom dies, hardly a sniffle. Too busy with their smartphones..   

       You quite sure you want to be fooling around with the tooth fairies? Linky.
not_morrison_rm, Sep 03 2014

       The rainbow drive should be easy to implement, as the rainbow can be turned on and off or moved about by the manipulation of a small mirror at the light source.   

       If a rotating mirror causes the rainbow to rotate around the inside of an enclosure, then the pot of gold will be dragged around as well, and so if the enclosure is mounted on eccentric bearings the whole device should rotate. The question then is whether there will be a nocticeable increase in the force required to move the mirror such that the available work done by the moving pot of gold is no more than the energy put in to the mirror-actuator. I suspect this will indeed be the case, once again frustrating our attempts to build a free energy device.
pocmloc, Sep 03 2014

       //then the pot of gold will be dragged around as well,   

       Well, the pot is usually of iron, so one set of coils and you have a generator.   

       //To this end, for my own personal enrichment, similar patents...   

       Let me guess, you're been paying for those in gold, right?
not_morrison_rm, Sep 03 2014

       The only small problem is the effect is achieved through a small glamor cast on ordinary copper to make it look like gold, no transformation so no energy.   

       There is some small energy inherent in the glamor in & of itself but unfortunately nowhere near sufficient to achieve transportation to mars.   

       This is because the mind is far lighter than big spaceships so a lot less energy is needed to influence it & a mind can be moved with a much smaller lever compared to that needed for the aforementioned spaceship, one with a small spoon shaped depression one end seems to work best (so in fact... a spoon).   

       Which of course is why leprechauns use rainbows instead.
Skewed, Sep 05 2014

       Not an actual invention [-]
Voice, Sep 05 2014

       It`s an invention, granted just not one very probable to work. Like democracy, or Instant Whip, not even mentioning spray on cheese.
not_morrison_rm, Sep 05 2014


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