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Industrial Espionage Scheme

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Open a bar offering 3 for 1 drinks to anyone that comes in with a prototype.
bob, Sep 16 2011

inspiration http://mashable.com...one5-prototype-bar/
[bob, Mar 13 2014]


       and free pretzels to anybody who can define "experimental prototype".
FlyingToaster, Sep 16 2011

       Isn't there one of these somewhere close to Apple's headquarters in Cupertino, CA, USA?
Wrongfellow, Sep 16 2011

       Not once Jobs finds out about it. Then it will be a smoking crater that nobody will want to talk about.
Alterother, Sep 16 2011

       what the Toaster said. i'll be there after work with my prototype htixmerazzer that i constructed while on my lunch break today. it may look like a crumple of paperclips and waste paper to some, but it looks like a free drink to me.
swimswim, Sep 16 2011

       Seeing as how I'm an experimental prototype myself, do I get free drinks for life?
Alterother, Sep 16 2011

       As one who gets paid for helping transform Sales and Engineering's fantasies into deliverable realities, I would suggest that at some point you were grandfathered in as "released product", and therefore have to cadge drinks like the rest of us.   

       And are there going to be any documentation requirements for these prototypes, or will cocktail napkin sketches be accepted? (I've actually found cocktail napkin sketches on file as controlling documentation).
normzone, Sep 16 2011

       [Alterother] - yep, free drinks for life. Drink quick, though, because there's a high possibility of a "disassembly for reverse engineering" step.
lurch, Sep 16 2011

       "Hey, I heard that the bar down the street is offering 4 for 1 drinks. In fact, here is a copy of their business plan I swiped..."
RayfordSteele, Sep 18 2011


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