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Nicer soft drinks in pubs

Alternative beverages
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Nicer soft drinks in pubs

Chilled fresh unsweetened pink grapefruit juice poured over crushed ice with a dash of bitters

Ice cold cranberry juice shaken with fresh strawberry pulp a sprig of mint a little sugar and a good splosh of balsamic vinegar

Half and half soya milk and sweetened apple juice liquidised with a good handful of raspberries (especially for the lactose intolerant)

Yes thats nicer soft drinks in pubs

the absence of punctuation is deliberate
IvanIdea, Jun 13 2002

[mymus]: Try this, if'n you're passing. http://www.tapasbar.co.uk/index.shtml
[angel, Jun 14 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Hectors house http://freespace.vi...skorner2.htm#hector
[IvanIdea, Jun 14 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Croissant, provided they don't cost treble the realistic cost, as seems usual for this kind of drink.
drew, Jun 13 2002

       spotted that baggy bum. very nice. can we get em cheaper too while we are at it?
po, Jun 13 2002

       Foo Foo drinks
Enlighten me
IvanIdea, Jun 13 2002

       Eh, garçon!
This drink tastes like half and half soya milk and sweetened apple juice liquidised with a good handful of raspberries. Try again.

       Dya mean froufrous?
reensure, Jun 13 2002

       That's odd, ivan - foo foo drinks usually have the opposite effect on most people.
quarterbaker, Jun 13 2002

       This is interesting. I posted the idea because although I love my bitter and scotch, it is biking season and I never ever drink alcohol and ride bikes (cars no problem because Mrs Ivan doesn't drink and will drive home, but in spite of holding a motor cycle licence finds the machines we have too scary to pilot personally). This means that my options for refreshment are coke, sprite, lemonade and britvic55 plus my usual forced tipple, lime and soda water which frankly is dull. The first four are noxious rubbish.

I know the soy drink is a bit much but unfortunately I cannot touch dairy products unless i am prepared to sweat out the consequences with a large dose of anti histamines. This is the best milk shake replacement I have managed to concoct, and incidentally is the only way I can eat porridge, although I know hard cases like sctlnd will probably call it porage and make it with salt and Irn-Bru.
Yes I can see all your points of view, but looking at it again, set against the scenario that alcohol is not an option and I cannot bear syrup and co2, I should have posted something along the lines of "get pubs to serve better soft drinks than coke and "lemonade"" instead of publishing a list of clearly homosexual beverages.
The idea was actually to come up with drinks that did have genuine substance [bliss] rather than empty calories and gas. But I do concede that I have tackled the whole thing incredibly badly.
IvanIdea, Jun 13 2002

       If you want soft drinks, why go to a pub?
phoenix, Jun 13 2002

       Where else is there?
IvanIdea, Jun 13 2002

       It does seem rather like going to McDonalds and asking for something 'healthy'.   

       If you don't like the drinks at bars, go somewhere else. Seems easy to me...
StarChaser, Jun 14 2002

       (draws phoenix and StarChaser to one side for a quick word) you may go to the pub with a group and for one reason or another you may not want alcohol. e.g. you may be the nominated driver for the evening or you may be pregnant (not you Star obviously) or like me you may like to go out for the evening and not make a complete prat of yourself.
po, Jun 14 2002

       yes you make it seem very easy. Where?
IvanIdea, Jun 14 2002

       Shirley Temple Bar and Grill
thumbwax, Jun 14 2002

       [IvanIdea] Try Appletise and sparking mineral water, together in a pint glass. Tastes vaguely like a dryish cider, and is quite refreshing on a summer's day.
drew, Jun 14 2002

       Somewhere where they sell what you like, I would figure.   

       <listens to whispers from po> Hmm. I guess that's true, too.   

       <Note: I'm demophobic and avoid crowds, so I've never been in a bar, or gone anywhere with a crowd, so it really didn't occur to me.>
StarChaser, Jun 14 2002

       great idea, most of the uk still lacks a decent cafe community where you can laze away a few hours with friends. some of whom might be hitting the sauce, & some who might not. we need cafes that serve booze, fresh juice drinks & good tapas.
mymus, Jun 14 2002

       Bloody Mary's without vodka are quite good. (How does one write the plural of that, anyway? Bloody Maries? Bloodies Mary?)
waugsqueke, Jun 14 2002

       That's known as a Virgin Mary.
stupop, Jun 14 2002

       bliss: most pubs in Britain don't serve cocktails, so they wouldn't do this. It's strictly a matter of open a bottle/can, pour contents into glass and give to customer.
pottedstu, Jun 14 2002

       "clearly homosexual beverages"

I must have missed the memo on this one from the World Gay Domination and Conversion League. Will I be kicked out of the club for sticking with beer and vodka? I so hate being out-of-the-loop on stuff like this.
quarterbaker, Jun 14 2002

       i'll have a club soda with lime, please.
mihali, Jun 14 2002

       One more thing -- why do I always have to take the bait like that?
quarterbaker, Jun 14 2002

       Maybe you're overcompensating :-]
angel, Jun 14 2002

       or the result of too much beer & vodka?
mymus, Jun 14 2002

       Bloody poofter.
waugsqueke, Jun 14 2002

       Everyone I know drinks Irn Bru when they're driving (or whatever feeble excuse they have for not drinking). You can't really better that, certainly not with bitters, balsamic vinegar or soya milk.
pottedstu, Jun 14 2002

       The "in pubs" is a me-too, and the nicer soft drinks is just a bunch of straight recipes, but I applaud the sentiment. When I was a student, a bistro I used to frequent served delicious original non-alcoholic coctails like one involving chopped mint leaves, tomato juice, cucumber, and several other herbs I couldn't identify (much lighter than a virgin bloody mary); I miss that.
jutta, Jun 14 2002

       A croissant grudged is a croissant halved Blissy. It is a me too, yes.
UnaBubba, fancy going into partnership on a chain of cafes serving decent food and drink? We could call it Hectors House.
IvanIdea, Jun 14 2002

       Yes you're right, Blissy, but perhaps still needs a touch more refining. Hectors house was a reference to an old childens television program, The dog hero, Hector provides me with a mental picture of Unabubba's physical appearance for some reason. I have posted a little linkette if you are interested.
By the way please do keep me informed of the bodily fluids you are fragrancing your croissants with before their bestowment.
IvanIdea, Jun 14 2002

       hee hee, I know exactly what you mean with Hector's House. wonderful imagery, bitch.
po, Jun 14 2002

       Po is calling me bitch blissy, but its very good of you to leap to my defence like this.
IvanIdea, Jun 14 2002

       I know exactly why, OK?
IvanIdea, Jun 14 2002

       she smells leather, bitch.
po, Jun 14 2002

       That'll be my one piece with double D prosthetics.
Wanna ride with me sugar?
IvanIdea, Jun 14 2002

       no the claws were out but it was a *draw*
po, Jun 15 2002

       For years, I have befuddled American waiters with my requests for grapefruit juice and Sprite (they often mistakenly bring back a grapefruit juice and soda, or use pink grapefruit juice, which doesn't taste the same at all). Recently I got my revenge (or possibly validation) when a large tableful of Enlgish guests all followed suit.
DrCurry, Jun 16 2002

       that was nice, and they spoke English fluently then?
po, Jun 16 2002

       No. They actually asked for grapefruit juice and lemonade, and had to be corrected.
DrCurry, Jun 16 2002

       I'm trying to see how an American waiter could sprite a lemon and not a grapefruit, or either. I'd juice 'em myself, or have them squished for me.
reensure, Jun 17 2002

       angel, cheers it looks like a good place. but not sure when i'll next be in Darlington. there are some good tapas bars in london, but tend to feel more like a restaurant than a truely chilled out european cafe atmosphere.
mymus, Jun 17 2002


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